Bad Ideas, Good Advice

As part of AIGA Chicago's Fall 2017 Mentoring Program, I collaborated with nine other talented designers on a group project. After numerous meetings and brainstorming sessions, we decided to create a series of 5 x 7 inch cards that represented advice we would give to our younger selves. Each designer was responsible for the content and design of three cards and were responsible for their own art direction and concepts, while the back of each card contained a similar layout and color scheme to provide consistency.

The finished product contained 27 die-cut cards banded together. Each card contained six die-cuts so they could be interlocked together to form a house of cards and serve as an interactive experience for the viewer. In addition to printed copies of the 5 x 7 cards,  11 x 17 inch cards were displayed for public viewing and presented at the Mentoring Program Wrap-up Party on November 29, 2017. 

I ultimately decided on three pieces of advice for my younger self:

1. Don't Be a Pushover
2. Don't Be Afraid of Failure
3. Don't Be Everyone Else

I wanted my designs to represent my passion for illustration, while also keeping the typography, colors, and copy consistent so the audience knew the advice came from the same designer. The color palette was chosen to be bright and engaging to the viewer and the illustration subjects were based on three memorable aspects of my past: a Punching Bag Bozo (he may have been a punching bag, but he always got back up), F. Scott Fitzgerald (my favorite author, who died believing he was a failure), and origami cranes (of which I've made hundreds if not thousands of nearly identical versions in my lifetime). 

Design Collaborators 

Robert Boord
Catherine Dizon
Julio Avila
Rosalis Freebairn-Ortiz

Full series

In place at the AIGA Chicago Fall 2017 Mentoring Program Wrap-up Party